Do people think Internally or Externally?

Years ago I took the Tony Robbins “Master of Influence” classes. Every evening for weeks.. amazing stuff. You tend to forget most of it but a few things stick. One concept I found to be particularly useful in day to day influence… how people sort things. Say you ask in conversation “how do you know you did a good job?” The answer will in most cases determine how people sort thoughts. Some people will say “well, people tell me”, or “I got promoted”. The other half will say things like “I just know inside when I have done a good job. It feels good.”

Wouldn’t it be useful to know this about people you are trying to see things your way? In many cases, if you know the person well you will know this. Here’s how it is useful (simplified):

Internally thinking people will be motivated by phrases like “When you decide to buy this you will feel good” or “you know well yourself you made the right decision.” Or “buying this car will make you happy and you will appreciate the performance. You’ll get a kick out of driving it.”

The other side: “This car will show everybody you have made it. That you have worked hard and you have earned it.”

In my opinion, this is very powerful. Many people simply don’t care what others thing about them or what they have. No way you could motivate them by pitching that other people will think. You might turn them off. Remember what it said on the home page – people want to be understood.