About Me

Ingvar GrimsmoMy name is Ingvar Grimsmo, and I am 66 years old at the time of writing this profile. I spent 20 years in the corporate world ending up a National Marketing Manager for a big company. Since 1988 I have been on my own. Failed, succeeded, failed and done OK. I am not some young good looking guy that has discovered the holy grail of persuasion. There are no pictures of me in a Ferrari. No big house. No big vacations. I live a comfortable, middle class life. With happy customers, family and friends.

But I can brag about this: all I have, I have earned myself.

My fascination with what makes people act is never ending. It is an obsession. So on this site I am venting my thoughts, and what I have learned. A lot of it is common sense, “I KNOW this”, but how often are you being influenced by sales and marketing pitches when yo KNOW you are being manipulated.

I have learned the hard way. And also studied the masters. Dale Carnegie, Robert Cialdini (The science of influence), Tony Robbins (I am a “Master of Persuasion” graduate) and the whole group of sales trainers. Been to dozens of seminars. Taught by the best. So you don’t have too. I intend to give you the best of the best summary of what works. And what doesn’t in this century.

And YES – there is an abundance of material on the web and lots of e-books and courses. Most, in MHO are rehashes of the classic strategies. Obviously, in this site you will see that as well but in addition, you will get a very personal insight in how they have been used, what works and what does not. I have real experience applying these influence tactics, and real stories. You might just learn a thing or two.

All of this is to say that I have been able to persuade many people to accept my proposals, investment deals, see things my way, happily pay my fee without comparing them to others. In my niche, I have almost never lost a proposal. I will try to explain to you why.

I think I have earned the respect of my clients, customers and friends. And family. No, I have not made millions. I admit to being a better persuader that a money manager.

I once had a sign on my desk that read:

“If you are a better sales person than a doer – sell and hire people to do”.

It took me many years before I caught on to that concept. I forgot to mention, for most of my after corporate career I have been a custom software developer.

Creating something. Now, I haven’t touched a code for years, I sell – analyze needs – spek it out and hire people to do the work and co-ordinate. Works like a charm. Should have done this way before I figured it out. I have more business, and earnings are better than just doing everything myself. And I finally have time to do this project, which I have been wanting to do for years.

So now, the reason for this pitch is that I want to share what I have learned with anyone who cares to skip all those years I have spent learning. To get right to it.

(I am working on a comprehensive, yet straight forward ebook. In fact, I sold one 15 years age, it sold well. I am adding a lot of stuff.) CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP so I can let you know when it is released.

Because I have sort of figured out how to assess what people really want. Deep inside. On a personal level.

Forget product features, benefits, reasons, price cuts, deals, specials, what’s good for you…. if you get to learn how to “read” your prospect, wife, siblings, kids whoever – on the emotional level – you can, with some practice gear your pitch towards that.

Easy? NO. Learnable? YES.

If you are with me so far, you have come a long way. I did not set out to make the sales pitch one of those typical long sales letters that you see so often. I am just not that kind of guy.

I can now easily go into what people want. More money, success and so forth. I don’t really want to do that, because it is redundant at this point. If you want more of anything, and other people have control over it – well, that’s life. Learning how to get that going is what it is about. Just to finish that thought, whatever you want – 99.9% of whatever it is – other people control. Think about it. Want a promotion? Pitch your boss. Want a sale? Want your kids to do homework? Other people control it. To get it – you have to convince them to grant your wish. Case closed. All I am offering is a better way to do that.

It is my hope that my 50 years of adventures will help you in some way to better yourself. I think it will.

Thank you for staying with me so far.